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A brand is a company's most valuable asset. Make yours stand out.

Break Ice Marketing can help you create exceptional branding so when people hear your name or see your logo, they know the promise that you deliver.  We'll work closely with you to develop strong, consistent messaging that tells your story.  And, we'll help build a compelling, visual identity that clearly shows who you are.  

We know your brand is important.  So, our promise to you is that we'll help create exceptional branding that attracts and retains loyal customers - the kind that you want for your business. 

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What We Offer

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What We Offer


We’ll help you build a branding strategy that defines and communicates your brand’s purpose and connects to your customers in a meaningful way.  As part of this process, we'll help you identify and articulate your value proposition and develop strong, consistent messaging that positions your brand in the best way possible.  


Words alone cannot convey all that your brand means.  The visual elements (logo, colors, fonts, shapes and styles) are also an important part of your message.   Break Ice Marketing will help create (or refresh) the perfect look and feel for your brand.  We'll support it with research and back it with knowledge.  We guarantee you'll have branding you want your customers to see. 

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Your website is the gateway to your brand and the channel that connects most of your marketing. So let us build you a website that effectively portrays your brand's unique essence. We’ll also ensure your site is SEO-friendly, built with ADA best practices, and provides a user-friendly experience that drives results through conversion optimization. 


A successful brand is a reflection of the entire organization - not just the marketing team.  All staff should believe in the brand and represent it consistently.  This may sound easy, but it's the area that challenges most organizations.  Break Ice Marketing will provide you with the tools you need to train all employees how to be front-line brand ambassadors. 

What Our Clients Are Saying

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I have received several compliments on our website! One of my board members just reached out to me today and said how much he liked it!!"

- Jill Mahany, President/CEO

Santa Ana Federal Credit Union

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