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Marketing is what connects brands with customers. Make yours exciting.

It is often said that marketing is the lifeblood of an organization – and for a good reason.  When planned and executed correctly, marketing is what links your branding to customers.  It helps sell your product and grow your bottom line.  Good marketing can lead to a thriving organization.

Break Ice Marketing provides a variety of marketing services for organizations of all sizes.  Whether you need an advisor that guides your team, a consultant that provides solutions to challenges - or a collaborator that helps complete projects, Break Ice Marketing will smooth the path to great marketing for extraordinary results.

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What We Offer

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What We Offer


After conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your current marketing programs, we'll provide you with objective input to help your marketing be more efficient and effective, and to help you take what's working to the next level.

Strategy & Plan

We’ll help you develop a strategic marketing plan that spends your budget wisely, has well-defined goals and supports your organization’s vision with deliverables that are measurable and result-driven. 

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Inbound Marketing

We’ll help you create an inbound roadmap that drives site traffic, captures leads and provides detailed reporting. Social media, emails, and blogs are samples of inbound marketing.

General Marketing

We can take some of the marketing tasks off your to-do list, or act as your marketing management team by leading and executing your marketing plan - and training your staff as we go.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Break Ice Marketing has been instrumental in the enhancement of our website, marketing themes, messaging, and collaterals, as well as our social media presence."

- Jon Hernandez, President/CEO

CalCom Federal Credit Union

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