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Every organization has a story to tell. 
​Illustrate yours in a way that influences, inspires and builds trust.

A brand with a well-thought out, creative story sells better than one lacking narrative and luster.  A story shows your brand has a purpose.  A creative one is more likely to get remembered and often creates emotional connections that help sell your product.  

Break Ice Marketing designs creative stories that you'll want to view over and over again.  Our creations have a purpose - and that's to make your brand look good. 

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What We Offer
What We Offer

A successful campaign is more than just pictures and words.  It has meaning, purpose and an objective.  Break Ice Marketing expertly develops creative strategies that clarify, define and get  customers to act.  We know how to convert nothing into something, and turn single ideas into revolutionary greatness. 

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Whether it’s for a brochure, annual report, blog or company website, Break Ice Marketing provides creative copywriting for all types of organizations and industries. We help create trust and credibility through words that have an impact. 


Our Creative Team can turn dull into dynamic and boring into brilliant.  Our creative team adheres to your brand guidelines while developing relevant visual communications that are meaningful and memorable.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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The team at Break Ice Marketing has been instrumental for the consistent marketing campaigns my credit union has had. They really go above and beyond to make sure my vision is realized and that things go out as scheduled. Thank you and great job!!!"

- George San Martin, Business Development Manager

Thinkwise Credit Union

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