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Brands That Make Us Feel Thankful

Brands that make us feel thankful

Around this time of year, we begin thinking about the things in life that make us feel thankful. While family, friends and health are common reasons for gratitude, so can be the value that some brands deliver. Brands that show they truly care about their customers are those that give us another reason to feel thankful - this time of year and all year round.

Here are a few traits of brands that generate thankfulness:

Brands that show they APPRECIATE their customers.

Some brands are especially loved because they make us feel appreciated. They’re quick to say “thank you” because they understand that it’s their customers that provide value to them, which makes us appreciate these brands even more.

There are many ways that a brand can show customer appreciation. It is these acts of kindness and displays of gratefulness that also helps promote a brand. One example that stands out is a time that my dad and I were visiting Stags’ Leap Winery during an annual father/daughter trip. After enjoying tastings and a tour of the winery, we purchased our favorite bottles of wine. One of the employees that had been helping us recommended a restaurant that we might enjoy for dinner and even offered to make reservations. The restaurant was about 15 miles from the winery. During dinner, we were surprised by a quick visit from the employee, who presented us with a thank you card and an extra bottle of wine. This above and beyond act by Stags’ Leap Winery made us feel appreciated, and for that, we felt thankful.

Brands that DELIVER what their customers want.

These are the brands that use research and customer feedback to consistently deliver what their customers want. They’re also the brands that are willing to make changes to keep their customers happy. Netflix is an example. For the past few years, they’ve used customer insights to ensure that they deliver their brand promise. After listening to their customers, Netflix made important changes that have resulted in substantial growth and increase of profits. These changes include giving customers anytime/anywhere access, making their interface more user-friendly and providing people with what they want to watch. By delivering what their customers wanted, Netflix added 30% more subscribers this past summer than what they were expecting.


We’re grateful for the organizations and brands that give back to their communities and we often enjoy it when we’re given the opportunity to be a part of it. Target is an example of an organization that has given back to the educational communities. Over the years, Target has donated and ran several campaigns that have benefitted thousands of schools throughout the nation. Earlier this year, Target ran a six day social media campaign that asked the public to submit thank you notes to their schools and teachers onto the campaign’s website. As a result of this campaign, Target donated $6 million among over 50,000 schools.

Brands that say “THANK YOU”.

Yes, this goes along with showing appreciation, but it’s important enough to note again. A simple “thank you” goes a long way. It’s sometimes all it takes for customers to feel appreciated and valued – and to keep them coming back. We thank the brands that thank us because we know that expressing gratitude is not always the norm. The brands that give thanks are the ones that most stand out.

Cheers to all the brands that show appreciation, deliver what their customers truly want, give back to their communities and never fail to say “thank you”. These are the brands that give us another reason to feel thankful as we enter into the holiday season and beyond.

Break Ice Marketing is thankful for each of these brands, its clients, connections and readers.

Please provide us with feedback on how we can continue to best serve you.


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